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Meet Dr. Rohan Suman, a leading expert in HIV medicine with over a decade of experience. Dr. Rohan is dedicated to staying at the forefront of HIV counseling and treatment, ensuring that his patients receive the most advanced care available. His compassionate approach to healthcare has made him a trusted source of support and guidance for countless individuals.

Dr. Rohan Suman has completed his M.B.B.S from Government Medical College from Maharashtra Medical Council. He completed his Diploma in HIV from the University of Washington. He also has done various certification courses in Leadership and Management, STI/STD management, Implementation Sciences, and, Pulmonology.

Dr. Rohan Suman is an experienced General physician with a special interest as an HIV physician and PrEP provider with over 11 years of dedicated service in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment. Dr. Suman’s background in both Government and Private healthcare sectors has equipped him to address the unique needs of patients, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs). He is also an Ally for the LGBTQIA+ Community and has been providing PrEP, PEP, and STI/STD services across the country through his online presence

Dr. Suman’s credentials include a proven track record of successfully treating HIV-positive patients, a commitment to LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, a compassionate and empathetic approach to patient care, and a dedication to staying current with the latest advancements in HIV treatment and prevention.

If you or a loved one requires expert HIV/AIDS care or PrEP services, Dr. Suman is here to offer personalized, compassionate support to help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Your health is our priority, and we look forward to being your partner in your journey to a brighter, healthier future. Contact us today to take the first step towards a better tomorrow.

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